Reflect & Assess 2018 in Preparation for 2019

Woman Reflecting

How do you prepare for the upcoming year? Do you write in your journal? Do you meet with your team? No matter how busy you are wrapping up 2018, it is important to take time to assess and plan for 2019. To close out the year, take the time to think about and focus on you and your team’s development.

Begin by reflecting on 2018. Look at your calendar, major projects, special events, journals, 2018 Victory List, informal and formal feedback received, such as a performance review. Assess the following 5 areas for you and your team:

  1. What were the key successes and accomplishments? What did you learn? Is there anything you would do differently?
  2. What challenges did you experience? What did you learn? What would you do differently?
  3. What worked well? What didn’t work well?
  4. What did you enjoy? What didn’t you enjoy?
  5. How did you grow yourself? How did others around you grow? Were you a part of their support?

In preparation for setting annual goals for 2019, analyze the responses to the 5 questions. Determine if there are items you want to recommit to that you never started, didn’t finish, or want to make modifications to for the new year. Identify what you want to learn, improve, and strengthen. Consider goals that will support you and your team’s growth and development.

Take time to assess 2018 to prepare for 2019. What is one way you will commit to planning for next year? Share your thoughts and experiences, join the conversation below.

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