Reflect & Celebrate 2018

Celebrations Year End 2018

Does your team have a tradition of how to mark attaining a goal or finishing a project? Is your definition of celebrating being thankful the project is over and then moving on? No matter the time of year or how exhausted and busy you are, it is important to your morale to take time to acknowledge and applaud success. The small accomplishments and the large ones.

Look back on the past year and identify what you have achieved both as an individual and as part of a team. Reflect on your own growth and create a 2018 Victory List. In what areas did you have a favorable or desired outcome? If you had annual goals, how many were you able to accomplish? We are all part of a team, whether a work department, friends and family unit, a volunteer group. Write down all of your individual successes and take the time to discuss and document team achievements.

A time of celebration is when you focus on your accomplishments. Save your lessons learned and ideas for improvement for a separate assessment time. Determine ways to treat yourself and your team. For yourself, is it a movie, dinner with friends, spending time at a museum? For your team, include a genuine hand written thank-you note, “breaking bread” within an affordable budget, small gifts of appreciation that express their role on the team.

Take time to reflect on your individual and team successes and accomplishments. What is one way you will commit to celebrating 2018? Share your thoughts and experiences, join the conversation below.

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