November BSC Monthly Happenings


Welcome to the November BSC Monthly Happenings. Our mission is walking alongside you throughout your personal and professional growth journey. Our monthly format will help you develop solutions, create connections and move ideas to action.

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From our Move to Action Blog… resources to help you grow.

On 11/1…       Becky’s November Video Message 
Week of 11/5…  Preparing for the Holiday Season Blog
Week of 11/13… Communication & Connections Tips & Techniques
Week of 11/19… Limiting Toxic Conversations Blog
Week of 11/26… BSC’s Bookshelf Review: Everyone Communicates, Few Connect 
by John C. Maxwell
Week of 11/26… December BSC Happenings focusing on Leading ME: 
Celebration & Assessment

In preparation for this month, our own Emily Tevault, gave an interactive presentation at Central Middle School in Edgewater, Maryland. She used inspiration from Leading ME to empower members of the Tri-M Music Honor Society to begin learning leadership techniques that will help them build successful relationships. This opportunity helped the BSC Team to focus on our November theme—“Communication & Connections.” Throughout the month of November, we will be engaged with clients and modeling effective communication and building strong connections. We will provide information to help you become a stronger communicator and connector, and even include suggestions for limiting toxic conversations during the holiday meal.

From all of us at BSC, including our mascot Ducky, we want to express our sincere gratitude to our clients, vendors, and supporters for believing in your intentional growth and giving us the opportunity to increase your effectiveness. Whoever you choose to spend the holidays with this Thanksgiving, take a moment to pause, count your blessings, and acknowledge the people you are thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving.

Here at BSC, we value reflection and your thoughtful feedback—it helps us to be the best we can be. Leave a note and let us know what you think of the November BSC Monthly Happenings.

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