How To Implement Change

How To Implement Change


Are you involved in the implementation of an organizational, professional, or personal change? Do you have change agents in place? The most important part of the change are the people—people involved in the process and people affected by the change. As CEO & President, Becky S. Corbett says, It’s all about relationships. Successfully implement change by using the Producktivity® Principles: Identify. Connect. Organize.

Step 1: Identify – Throughout the change process, transparent communication strengthens trust, avoids assumptions, and alleviates fear of the unknown. Communicate often, consistently, and to the right people. Identify who you need to talk to as the change is being implemented. Who are the people involved—colleagues, volunteers, friends/family members, neighbors? How do they prefer to be communicated with—face-to-face, video conference, telephone, email, text?

Step 2: Connect – Communicating with others demonstrates that you care about the relationship. Provide 360o communication by keeping everyone in the loop. Each time you communicate, be clear about why you are sending an email, making a telephone call, or leading a meeting. Are you asking for accountability from a close friend or trusted colleague during the change? Do you need involvement throughout the change from neighbors or the community?

Step 3: Organize – Effective change takes time. Throughout the implementation, plan when you will communicate with stakeholders to offer transparency and keep people engaged in the process. Remember what Becky’s father taught us, a partial update is better than no update. Let each stakeholder group (Board of Directors, colleagues, volunteers, friends, community) know when and how they can expect to receive updates from you.

Using the Producktivity® Principles allows you to effectively implement change by identifying who, how, and when to communicate with stakeholders. Strengthen trust in the process by delivering on your communication commitment. How do you communicate with others during a change? Share your thoughts and experiences, join the conversation below.

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