3 Steps for Life after Graduation


Are you or someone you know graduating? Congratulations! Are you excited and nervous at the same time? Graduation leads to incredible opportunities, but life after graduation is less structured than a school setting. How do you navigate the transition from student to employee? Determine your next steps using the Producktivity® Principles: Identify. Connect. Organize.

Step 1: Identify – Have you planned a graduation celebration with your family and friends? It is important to celebrate your successes, big and small throughout your life to stay motivated. Graduation is an incredible achievement, so take time to celebrate. Now you are ready to plan your first step, which is to identify the parts of your life that will change once you graduate. What areas will need your focus and preparation? Have you started looking for a job? Are you taking advantage of networking opportunities? Have you created a budget? What do you need to adjust in your budget? Have you accepted a job? Is it in a new city, state, or country?

Step 2: Connect – Review your list and connect it to what needs to be done to prepare for these changes. If you are currently conducting a job search, is your resume ready? Have 3-5 people, including at least two people in your industry reviewed your resume? What is your virtual brand when recruiters and companies search your name on the internet? Are you staying current in your industry through networking, social media, and reading books by experts in your field? If you are moving after graduation, have you researched the new city, state, or country where you will be living? What is the cost of living? Where will you live? Is it close to mass transit or will you need a car? Select the 3 changes that are your highest priority to prepare for as you approach graduation.

Step 3: Organize – Create a plan for how you will accomplish the 3 changes. If you are creating a budget for the first time, one step is to research budget tools and select what will work best for you; pen and paper, Excel, Quicken, budgeting apps. Determine how much you will earn and how often you will be paid, for cash flow purposes. Review your expenses from the last 6 months, and then make adjustments for any changes that will occur after graduation. Commit to one way you will move to action this week. Will you ask your mentor to review your resume? Research your new city?

Using the Producktivity® Principles allows you to plan for and achieve a smooth transition from graduation to the next step on your personal and professional growth journey. The principles also reduce the stress that comes with a major change in your life by determining your highest priorities so you can move forward with purpose and intention.

Producktivity® is a unique, interactive personal and professional organizational tool that assists individuals and organizations with improving their decision making and time management skills.

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