May BSC Monthly Happenings


Welcome to the May BSC Monthly Happenings. Our BUSINESS is walking alongside of you throughout your personal and professional growth journey. Our monthly format will help you discover SOLUTIONS, find CONNECTIONS and move ideas to action.


Our theme for May is Graduation: Accomplishments and Beginnings Ducky, our mascot, asked us to share his best wishes to those who are graduating:




         From our Move to Action Blog…resources to help you grow.

Week of 5/1…Graduation Video Message
Week of 5/7…3 Steps for Life After Graduation Blog 
Week of 5/21… Intentional Growth Tips & Techniques
Week of 5/28…BSC Monthly Happenings June theme is The Bridge to Hope & Healing®  
Happy Memorial Day


Community Connections – In addition to Becky and Emily offering operational consulting, providing strengths-based coaching and developing curriculum, you can find us interacting with our colleagues and friends throughout the month.

April 28
The Bridge to Hope & Healing®: A Guide to Taking Care of Me and My Clients will be hosted by the NASW DC Metro Chapter. This unique program of narrative and experiential learning will give social workers and other mental health professionals, private practitioners, advocates and supervisors the tools and techniques to guide themselves, their clients and communities through a moment of crisis. Applying her social work background, spirituality, and relationships with friends and family, Becky illustrates the power of hope and healing originally inspired by her story, My Husband is Gay – Now What?

May 8, June 12, July 10, and August 14
Make Your Growth A Priority – An Intentional Growth Mastermind Group BSC is pleased to announce our partnership with CommPartners. We have teamed up to offer to invite CommPartners’ Elevate LMS Users to our inaugural Mastermind Group. We are excited to provide an additional opportunity to enhance your network through peer leadership. It’s time to make your personal and professional growth a priority! CommPartners recognizes that you invest countless hours into advancing the mission of your organization and likely don’t invest in yourself. We want to change that by providing a place that will prioritize your growth as a leader in learning.

May 10
Agency Branding & Messaging. Becky and Emily, along with their colleague Mande Ellison-Weed are facilitating a Peer Leaders Network. Participants from Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi receive leadership skills and techniques while providing support to each other as they develop supportive housing for persons living in rural communities.

May 28
In honor of Memorial Day and all of our friends, family, and colleagues who have served in the armed forces, BSC will be closed. Take the time to thank a Veteran for his and her service.

Here at BSC, we value reflection and your thoughtful feedback—it helps us to be the best we can be. Leave a note and let us know what you think of the May BSC Monthly Happenings.

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