3 Steps to Spring Into A New Season

General cleaning of home

What do you think of when you hear the words spring cleaning? Changing your wardrobe to the next season? Cleaning your windows? Detailing your car? Spring cleaning is the preparation for a new season. It’s a fresh start. You can apply the idea of spring cleaning to other areas of your life, such as transitioning to a new career, graduation, and summer planning. Spring into your new season using the Producktivity® Principles: Identify. Connect. Organize.

Step 1: Identify – Reflect on areas of your life that need a fresh start. What changes do you need to plan for in the next 3 months? Are you about to graduate? Are you planning a summer vacation? Summer camps for your children? Is it time to renovate your kitchen? Are you approaching retirement? Are you ready to start an exercise plan or change your eating habits to create a healthier you? Is it time to find your next job? Identify all of the parts of your life that are approaching a “new season.”

Step 2: Connect – Review your ideas and connect the areas you identified with your vision of a positive outcome. If it is time to find your next job, is success defined by earning more money, teleworking 1-2 days per week, better health and fringe benefits, or organization commitment to intentional personal and professional growth? If you are ready to create a healthier you, does your positive outcome include finding a form of exercise you enjoy or an eating plan that works for you?

Consider what has kept you from beginning your new season. Do you have a strong enough WHY to inspire and motivate you? Reflect on what has held you back? How will you change your approach to overcome challenges you have encountered in the past? What will work best to allow you to achieve success? Narrow your ideas down to your top 3 priorities.

Step 3: Organize – Reflect on your top 3 priorities and determine the steps you need to take to get from where you are today to reach a positive outcome. For example, if your goal is to find a form of exercise you enjoy and will commit to doing consistently, make a list of types of exercise that interest you. Try out one each week. How does it make you feel? Is this something you want to make part of your weekly routine? Does it motivate you enough to make it a habit? Is it realistic and achievable considering your current schedule, or will you need to adjust/remove items on your calendar to make this a top priority? If it is important to you, it needs time on your calendar.

Using the Producktivity® Principles allows you a fresh start and provides you with the opportunity to intentionally determine where to focus your time and energy to transition to your “new season.”

What fresh start are you committing to today? How will you get started? What is your vision for a successful outcome? Share your thoughts and experiences, join the conversation below.

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