February BSC Monthly Happenings


Welcome to the February BSC Monthly Happenings. Our BUSINESS is walking alongside of you throughout your personal and professional growth journey. Our monthly format will help you discover SOLUTIONS, find CONNECTIONS and move ideas to action.


Our theme for February is Accountability. Ducky, our mascot, asked us to share his inspirational Tip of the Month:

Ducky gets burried in the sand



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Community Connections – In addition to Becky and Emily offering operational consulting, providing strengths-based coaching and developing curriculum, you can find us interacting with our colleagues and friends throughout the month.

February 2
Annual Team Building and Goal-Setting Training @ IMPAQ International. Becky will be returning to in Columbia, Maryland to facilitate the Administrative Support Unit’s annual team building training. This year we will focus on the individual’s 2018 goal-setting and growth plan. Participants will receive interactive group facilitation, individual coaching sessions and enjoy lunch with the COO.

February 3
The Bridge to Hope & Healing®: A Musical Spiritual Journey. Becky and Cantor Larry Eschler will be providing this unique program of narrative and learning, accompanied by musical presentation for members of the Temple Beth Ami community, in Rockville, Maryland. Congregants will learn principles to guide you, your family and community through life-changing moments; understand how to incorporate hope and healing into your own self-care; and bring a sense of peace into your daily life.

February 6
Social Work Career Preparation @ The University of Alabama, School of Social Work. You can find Becky for the day on campus in Tuscaloosa, Alabama teaching BSW students and hosting a lunch and learn for all students on It’s All About Your Career. Roll Tide!

 February 6
Career Coaching with Corbett @ The University of Alabama, School of Social Work. Becky will facilitate a session about speaking to a social work and multi-disciplinary audience. MSW students are learning career readiness in social work techniques and interact with fellow classmates throughout their career development journey.

February 7-9
Team Building & Leadership Training @ MUTEH. Becky will facilitate interactive sessions with the Leadership Team, Board of Directors and Staff. Follow-up accountability coaching sessions will occur with members of the leadership team to ensure implementation of the skills and techniques acquired and growth goals are reached. These sessions provide the team with accountability for moving the organization and themselves to action.

February 8
Team Building: Staff & Board Development. Becky and Emily, along with their colleague Mande Ellison-Weed are facilitating a Peer Leaders Network. Participants from Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi receive leadership skills and techniques while providing support to each other as they develop supportive housing for persons living in rural communities.

February 18
You can network with Becky at the International Maxwell Certification Live Event in Orlando, Florida during Think Tank Day. John C. Maxwell is our leadership mentor and we value the materials and collaborations we receive from The John Maxwell Team. Let us know if you are interested in furthering your coaching, speaking, and training skills.

Here at BSC we value reflection and your thoughtful feedback—it helps us to be the best we can be. Leave a note and let us know what you think of the February BSC Monthly Happenings.

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