The Value of Coaching: Reflections A Year Later

At BSC, we value reflection, because it allows you to take the time to grow with purpose. Our theme this month is coaching and it has been a little over a year since I posted a blog about my experience working with a coach. I took this opportunity to reflect on the value coaching has brought to me and how I have intentionally used what I have learned.

Reflection #1: Without intentional growth, I lose direction.

In my original blog, I was nervous about the first session with my coach because I wasn’t sure which areas I wanted to focus on for my growth. What I realized is that I wasn’t being intentional about my development. Being busy and even having goals doesn’t necessarily mean we are growing. I had lost my direction-I was letting my growth choose me, rather than choosing where I wanted to change. Working with a coach helped me discover what was important to me and to set goals that aligned with my values.

Reflection #2: Taking time to work on me allows me to add more value others.

We are all very busy, and typically the first thing we let go of when we get busy is taking care of ourselves. I listened to many people tell me that I need to take care of myself so I can take care of others, but truly hadn’t heard them. I see now that when I take the time to work on me and attend a coaching session, read a book on effectively communicating and connecting with others or have lunch with a mentor, my growth allows me to add more value to others.

 Reflection #3: I am passionate about helping others through coaching.

I have always loved to teach and train because I am helping others. The coaching experience sparked a passion in me, gave me an opportunity to walk alongside another person and support them on their journey. With the encouragement of my CEO, Becky S. Corbett, I became a John Maxwell certified coach so that I can help others realize their full potential.

Participating in coaching allows me to identify my intentional growth path, invest in myself so I can add value to others, and discover my passion for coaching to help others. How has having a coach added value to you? Share your thoughts and experiences, join the conversation below.

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