October 2017 BSC Monthly Happenings


Welcome to the October BSC Monthly Happenings. Our BUSINESS is walking alongside of you throughout your personal and professional growth journey. Our monthly format will help you discover SOLUTIONS, find CONNECTIONS and move ideas to action.

Our theme for October 2017 is Coaching. Ducky, our mascot, asked us to share his inspirational Tip of the Month:

Ducky Oct wisdom pic

From our Move to Action Blog…resources to help you grow.

Week of 10/2: The Value of Coaching: Reflections A Year Later blog
Week of 10/9: BSC Tips & Techniques: Growth through Coaching
Week of 10/16: 3 Reasons Why We All Need A Coach
Week of 10/23: Move to Action with Gratitude Video blog
Week of 10/30: BSC Monthly Happenings November Theme: Gratitude & Thanksgiving


Community Connections:
In addition to Becky and Emily offering operational consulting, providing strengths-based coaching and developing curriculum, you can find us interacting with our colleagues and friends throughout the month.

  • October 3 Career Coaching with Corbett :  At The University of Alabama, School of Social Work Becky will help students develop a resume for social work employment. MSW students continue to participate in this virtual setting to learn career readiness in social work techniques and interact with fellow classmates throughout their career development journey. 
  •  October 10-12 Social Work Career Services: At The University of Alabama, School of Social Work Becky will be teaching and coaching on campus for students working on their BSW degree. Classes include Introduction to Social Work, Orientation to Social Work, and Human Behavior and Social Environment. Information will be provided to students who have chosen social work as a career and discussion will help them think about what it will take to develop themselves as a professional social worker. Students who are considering a career in social work will learn the value social workers bring to our communities. All students are encouraged to join Coach Corbett on October 11, 12noon-1pm Central, for FREE Pizza and a Lunch and Learn: Organizing My Social Work Career with Producktivty®. 
  • October 13 Board of Friends: At The University of Alabama, Alumni Organizations. The purpose of the Board of Friends is to effect a close working relationship between leaders in the community and the faculty, staff and students in the School of Social Work. Becky looks forward to being with her friends and colleagues for the Fall Meeting, 
  • October 31 Happy Halloween: One of our favorite holidays at BSC. Ducky says, “Enjoy the tricks or the treats—dress up and have some fun.”

Here at BSC we value reflection and your thoughtful feedback—it helps us to be the best we can be. Leave us a note and let us know what you think of the October BSC Monthly Happenings.

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