August 2017 BSC Monthly Happenings


Welcome to our first BSC Monthly Happenings. Our BUSINESS is walking alongside of you throughout your personal and professional growth journey. Our new monthly format will help you discover SOLUTIONS, find CONNECTIONS and move ideas to action.

Our theme for August 2017 is Intentional Producktivty®. Ducky, our mascot, asked us to share his inspirational Tip of the Month:

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From our Move to Action Blog…resources to help you grow.

Week of 7/31: BSC Tips & Techniques: Organizing with Producktivity®
Week of 8/7: 3 Ways to Stay Focused Throughout the School Year blog
Week of 8/14: Setting the Stage for A Successful School Year blog
Week of 8/21: Move to Action Using the Producktivity® Principles video blog
Week of 8/28: BSC Monthly Happenings September Theme: Relationships & Connections


Community Connections:
In addition to Becky and Emily offering operational consulting, providing strengths-based coaching and developing curriculum, you can find us interacting with our colleagues and friends throughout the month.

  • August 1: Career Coaching with Corbett @ The University of Alabama, School of Social Work. Becky will focus on building relationships with social work professionals by using interpersonal skills to establish connections. The BSW and MSW students learn career readiness in social work techniques and interact with fellow classmates throughout their career development journey.
  • August 3: How Does Supportive Housing Development Get Developed? Becky will join Collaborative Solutions to facilitate a Peer Leaders Network. Participants from Alabama, Florida, and Georgia receive leadership skills and techniques while providing support to each other as they develop supportive housing for persons living in rural communities.
  • August 18: MSW Orientation @ The University of Alabama, School of Social Work on Career Readiness Assessment and Social Work Career Preparation. Becky is excited to welcome a new cohort of students to the MSW program and the profession. Students will understand why attitude is key to their career success and learn job preparation skills to move their social work career forward.
  • August 25-28: You can network with Becky at the 3-Day International Maxwell Certification Live Event in Orlando, Florida. John C. Maxwell is our leadership mentor and we value the materials and collaborations we receive from The John Maxwell Team. Let us know if you are interested in furthering your coaching, speaking, and training skills.
  • August 30: Becky will be focusing on the topic: 90 Days to Graduation…Am I Prepared to Get A Job? for The University of Alabama, School of Social Work, Washington, DC Internship Program.  This interactive seminar will prepare students for graduation and how to communicate with future employers their knowledge, skills, and abilities of policy development and advocacy.

Here at BSC we value reflection and your thoughtful feedback—it helps us to be the best we can be. Leave us a note below and let us know what you think of our new BSC Monthly Happenings.

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