Leading ME with Producktivity®: Team Building Training

Leading ME with Producktivity®: Team Building Training

IMPAQ International

Columbia, Maryland

February 8, 2017

Becky Schwartz Corbett, MSW, ACSW will be facilitating a team building training for IMPAQ International’s Administrative Support Unit (ASU) in Columbia, Maryland, February 8.

Team building training will focus on principles of Leading ME: owning your intentional growth, identifying your brand, understanding the power of a positive attitude, providing coachable moments and using the mirror for self-reflection. The ASU team will participate in a fun and interactive team building exercise, utilizing over 200 rubber ducks to identify personal and professional roles and establish prioritization of roles. They will learn how to maximize their time & energy management. enhance their organizational skills and develop a move to action plan by applying the Producktivity® Principles: Identify. Connect. Organize.

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