3 Steps to Take Care of You

When is the last time you did something for you? How would you rate your overall health and commitment level to improving your health? How often do you have quiet time with no technology around you? There is a disconnect between acknowledging the value of self-care and making time to do it. You may have forgotten how good you will feel when you care for yourself, because it has been so long since you have done so on a consistent basis. BSC CEO, Becky Corbett said in her recent presentation, Self-Care Starts with Me at the Doing What Matters Conference that Leadership & Self-Care = Happy, Healthy, and Successful You. In my blog, Why Do We Put Ourselves Last? I discussed the importance of realizing the value of growth and self-care and what has held you back in the past.

Now, it is time to put your self-care plan into action using the Producktivity® Principles: Identify. Connect. Organize.

Step 1: Identify – What are the current self-care practices you engage in on a regular basis? Do you meditate, write in a reflection journal, exercise, get a massage, eat healthy meals, invest in your personal and professional growth, understand how much sleep you need to support your energy level? What self-care practices interest you that you would like to start doing? Make sure they are achievable and reasonable practices to begin taking into account your schedule, priorities, and your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health.

Step 2: Connect – Reflect on the self-care practices you are currently doing. Which one is providing you with the most value? Is it taking a walk, cooking dinner rather than stopping for fast food, reading books for pleasure, reading articles for your growth and development? For me, it is sleep. If I get enough sleep I make healthier eating choices and my energy level is higher throughout the day. Are there practices you need to modify to add more value? Are you currently running as your form of exercise, and finding you aren’t enjoying it? What type of exercise would energize you? Riding a bicycle, kickboxing, swimming? Do you need to try something completely different and replace one of your self-care practices? Review your list of options and select the top three that will provide you with the most value. What is one action you can take to begin each self-care practice?

Step 3: Organize – Review your schedule for the past 3 months. Are there any self-care events on your calendar? If self-care is important to you, it deserves time on your calendar. Schedule it just like you schedule a meeting or it will continually be pushed back and will not happen. Start small. Commit to 15 minutes one day this week. Next week, increase to two days. Write down the biggest improvement in how you feel. This is your why. A strong why is what you lean on to keep you going on the days that you want to put off taking care of you.

Using the Producktivity® Principles allows you to experience how it feels to take care of yourself and discover your why to keep you motivated. You will add more value to others by taking care of you. What self-care practice is the most valuable to you? What is one thing you will commit to scheduling and doing this week for your self-care? Share your thoughts and experiences, join the conversation below.

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