Holiday Trifecta Celebration

According to Oxford University’s dictionary, a trifecta is a run of three wins or grand events. The example sited stated, Today is a trifecta of birthdays. My father taught me about trifectas at the New Orleans Fair Grounds. Over the last few weeks as I wished people, “Happy Holidays,” I have been thinking it is certainly a Trifecta holiday season. This year, Hanukkah, begins the evening of Saturday, December 24, Christmas is Sunday, December 25, and Kwanzaa begins on Monday, December 26.

Whichever holiday(s) you and your family and friends recognize, CELEBRATE. Celebrate your calendar year 2016 accomplishments. Celebrate our diversity. Celebrate your spiritual and religious beliefs. Celebrate the individual lives who have touched you and their physical presence is no longer with you. Celebrate with exceptional food and good cheer. Celebrate.

From the BSC team and Ducky, we wish our friends, family, colleagues, clients and students a Happy Trifecta Holiday. May the light of the holidays shine within you throughout the season and into the new year.