New BSCorbett Consulting Website Launch

One of the first decisions an entrepreneur has to make is what type of business entity s/he wants to establish. Almost 10 years ago, I contacted an attorney to inquire about creating a for-profit company in Maryland. Not being new to the business world, from non-profit administration to forming my first consulting company in 2000, I understood the different types of business entities. He provided information about a Limited Liability Company (LLC), C-Corporation, and S-Corporation. I immediately decided on another LLC. We continued with all the business information required. Then came what I thought was actually the most difficult question of all, “What is the name of the company going to be?” There was a l-o-n-g pause on the telephone. In fact, silence. “Are you there?” “Yes.” “Becky, I need a name.” “Give me a minute.”

Balance, LLC was formed 16 years ago to help businesses balance time and money. A financial management consultation and training business, conducting training and development programs in the areas of time management, financial management, leadership development, customer service, and work-life programming. This company lasted less than two years. Why? Because my family and I chose to relocate to Rockville, Maryland. Our daughter was five years old at the time, and I didn’t want to travel. I am forever grateful to the National Association of Social Workers national office for hiring me. What an amazing journey working for my professional organization.

Thinking…thinking…thinking…My name! BSCorbett Consulting, LLC. That’s it! Becky Schwartz Corbett (BSC). And now, almost 10 years later, the rest is history. For years there was no website or social media—I only offered operational consulting and customized training—there was no executive strengths-based coaching or inspirational speeches either. It was just me, Becky Corbett. In the Fall of 2013, I launched the first Website. Now, in November of 2016, we are launching our new and improved BSC Website. A big shout out to our team, Hugh Moore, our Social Media Director and Emily Tevault, our Chief Producktivty® Officer.

Hugh– your creativity and Website knowledge has been instrumental in the launch, thank you for giving me the gift of integrating your creative side and our brainy ideas. It is a good thing you specialize in operation management and held us accountable to launch before Thanksgiving. If you didn’t, our clients would never have this amazing new and improved information. Emily– you brainstorming with me and listening to my babble, along with your review of the content, is truly appreciated. Thank you for always bringing us back to the Producktivity® Principles.

We invite you to visit the BSC Website: Please join our Intentional Growth Resource Portal and we will give you a FREE Reflection Journal Template so that you can begin your personal and professional growth journey TODAY. Also, we welcome your thoughts about our Website, please share below.