CA$H: Salary & Benefits Negotiation

Event Title: Job Preparation and Career Success Lunch & Learn

CA$H: Salary & Benefits Negotiation

The University of Alabama, School of Social Work

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

October 24, 2016

Becky Schwartz Corbett, MSW, ACSW, leadership consultant and adjunct faculty, will be facilitating a Lunch & Learn for BSW and MSW students at The University of Alabama, School of Social Work on Monday, October 24, from 12noon-1pm. The theme for this session is CA$H: Salary & Benefits Negotiation. Students who attend will look in the mirror and reflect: “Would I hire me?”; define negotiation and prepare for a successful negotiation; understand the value of “Never ever, ever, accept the first offer;” identify employment benefits; and learn key steps to follow when you receive an offer for employment. Please join Ms. Corbett for your career growth journey and FREE pizza.