Producktivity® Principle #2: Connect

It is important to make connections between the information collected and resources needed. This is a critical principle that tends to be overlooked. You are so eager to check something off of your ever-growing list that you may jump from Identify to Organize. Take the time to connect the pieces of the puzzle with the Connect Strategies: Dream Big. Analyze. Define Resources.

Dream Big: The daily list of things to accomplish can weigh us down and give us tunnel vision. Discover the balance between the day-to-day details and the big picture. Take a step back and focus on your values and priorities to help drive your decisions.

 Analyze: Analysis is looking at information and data from different perspectives. Data alone cannot make the best decision for your situation. Analysis allows you to connect your options with your values and priorities.

 Define Resources: We need others to help us achieve our personal and professional goals. A mentor to make an introduction or review your resume, a financial advisor to plan for retirement, a coach to ask challenging questions to stretch you to grow. Determine your network of resources and who else you may need to move your decision forward.

Making connections is what keeps us working toward a common goal.

Emily Tevault, Chief Producktivity® Officer

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