Producktivity® Principle #1: Identify

Identifying your ducks gives you the foundation to make an informed decision. When making a decision, you generally have an idea of where you are headed. Whether you are helping your child choose a college, selecting an IT vendor or hiring a moving company resist making assumptions and jumping to conclusions. Take a step back and use the Identify Strategies: Brainstorm. Collect Data. Research.

Brainstorm: Brainstorming allows you to identify all of your possibilities before making a decision. Determine the most effective setting for you to brainstorm. The ideal brainstorming session allows for all ideas to be captured in a supportive atmosphere.

Collect Data: Collecting data provides you with all of the pieces of the puzzle. Determine valuable and legitimate sources of data. Identify a balance of qualitative and quantitative data to inform your decision.

 Research: Conducting research is the opportunity to obtain additional information before you make your decision. Avoid becoming overwhelmed as you conduct research. There will always be more information you can gather on a topic. Be thorough, but also identify when you have obtained enough information to make your decision.

 Be confident in and own your final decision by taking the time to identify all of your options.

Emily Tevault, Chief Producktivity® Officer

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