Dream Mastermind Group – Moving My Growth Plan Forward

When was the last time you let yourself dream? Do you have a dream? Have you shared it with someone, and do you have people to support you and your goals? Too often our dreams are put on hold. How can we find consistent support and accountability for our intentional growth and dreams? I found it by participating in a mastermind group.

Over the past five weeks I have participated in a mastermind group facilitated by President & CEO Becky Corbett of BSCorbett Consulting, LLC. The weekly sessions were centered around John Maxwell’s Put Your Dream to the Test. We met in a virtual setting, which allowed participants to form relationships and find support throughout the country. This was not a book club where you discuss the characters and plot in a book. It focused on applying the book to your life and moving yourself forward.

As a result of having participated in the mastermind group, dreams were verbalized for the first time by some while energy and passion for dreams that hadn’t been realized were re-kindled for others. We set our next steps toward realizing our dreams, and have established accountability partners to help maintain our focus after the weekly mastermind sessions have ended. Some of the most important things we took away from the mastermind is that you are not alone, you cannot do it alone, and to express genuine gratitude to everyone who helps you along your journey. Find your mastermind group today.


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