Moving My Growth Plan Forward by Emily Tevault, Chief Producktivity® Officer

In February, President & CEO, Becky Corbett of BSCorbett Consulting, Inc. offered me an incredible opportunity to participate in coaching sessions with Andy Hall of Andy Hall Coaching to focus on my personal growth. I strongly believe in continual growth and development, and eagerly accepted. As the days grew closer to my first coaching session, I became very nervous. What would we talk about? How can growth occur if I don’t know in which areas to grow? I felt lost. I take pride in being organized and have spreadsheets and task lists for every aspect of my life. It was uncomfortable going into this without a plan, but I wanted to take full advantage of this opportunity.

I am so glad that my concerns didn’t keep me from moving forward, and that I remained open to the growth that could come from participating. It allowed me to carve out time to focus on myself, which is typically the first thing one lets go of when schedules get busy. There could be no excuses, because the times we would meet were scheduled. We had six sessions, and they set up the foundation for my next steps on the personal growth journey.

 Life is full of to do lists, and I am constantly pushing through life to get one more thing completed. What I discovered was we truly need to take time to reflect about our goals to determine if we are on the right path, what our priorities are, and if our actions are moving us toward the priorities. I previously viewed reflection time as being inefficient because tasks weren’t being checked off the list. Now I recognize the additional value of taking 10-15 minutes to reflect, which allows me to be more effective because my decisions and actions are intentional.

 As a result I have enjoyed improvements both personally and professionally. I spend less time on lower priority items and am getting a higher return on high priority tasks. I make fewer course corrections by taking the time to consider the best decision. I feel less overwhelmed, because I take time to find clarity each day. One example is a work retreat I attended recently. Previously, I would have had my laptop open the entire retreat. I would have taken notes, responded to emails, and delved into the details of each discussion topic prematurely. Instead, I actively listened, took time to process the discussion, and participated in group reflection. I was more engaged and able to provide thoughtful and valuable ideas. 

 A final thought for my readers. I am truly pleased with the outcome from participating in the coaching sessions. I am even more grateful to work for a leader who wants to focus on my growth, and help add value to my personal brand. She identified an opportunity to contribute to my journey, supported the pursuit, and connected me with the resources to help me realize my goals. For that, I thank Becky for her support of my intentional personal growth. If you are at a point in your career, facing decisions about your professional journey, take the time to understand the support and growth provided by the organization and its leadership. Today is a stepping stone for tomorrow. Make sure the footing is solid and heading in the direction you want to travel. Take time to reflect.