Spring Clean Your Career with Producktivity®: Analyze Your Career Transition Blog 6 of 11

You dreamed big about what your new career will look like. The next step is to analyze the information you collected about your career and the industry and determine if your research supports your career vision. Connecting the dots between your vision and the research will help you develop a career transition plan that will work for you. Consider your values, wants and must-haves to leave your current position. Does the new position or industry meet all of the key items on your list? If it does not, review what you are willing to remove from your list. Perhaps you want to telework once or twice per week and the new industry or employer does not support telework. Is this a deal breaker? Perhaps the increase in pay is significant and you are willing to be in the office 5 days per week. Additionally, are there standard practices of the new industry that will be a compromise? For example, will you be expected to work long hours including late nights and weekends. If you have a family, demanding hours may affect your values and work-life harmony.

Spring clean your career with Producktivity® and define your career values, wants and needs to make a decision on your next career move.

Passion is the difference between having a job and having a career. –Unknown