Spring Clean Your Career with Producktivity®: Collecting Data for Your Career Blog 3 of 11

Now that you have brainstormed what you want from your new career, it is time to collect data to guide your career planning decisions. In your brainstorming session you identified the pros and cons of your current job, the reasons why you are seeking a career transition and what you want from your next opportunity. Your data collection will focus on seeking input from your inner circle, which may consist of your mentors, former colleagues, professors, friends and family, and online sources to guide your decision making.

When you brainstormed, you started the data collection process from within. It is time to expand your input and talk to your support network. Ask them in which position you seemed the most satisfied, and why? Does that align with what you brainstormed, or is there a gap between your thoughts and what your inner circle has observed in you? Ask them to identify your and how they could be better incorporated into your next position. Being confident in what you are looking for will assist you with refining the next step in your career spring cleaning: research.

Spring clean your career with Producktivity® and seek guidance from people you respect, admire and trust when planning your career growth and development.

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