Forging Solutions Out of Challenges: Connect Your Leadership Style Blog 4of7

When considering your social work roles and responsibilities, remember, many social workers enter the field without imagining themselves in a leadership position. However, the social work field is changing. Emerging social workers are well equipped to lead the profession at a time when rapid changes in technology are influencing everything from education to how therapy is delivered. Additionally, many social workers are moving from practicing at a micro level to a macro level.

In the previous blog you identified leadership skills, knowledge, and techniques you believe are critical to being an effective leader. It is now time to make the connection between the characteristics of a leader and your competencies and character. What strengths do you already possess that will help you be a successful leader? What areas of leadership do you want to improve upon?  We encourage you to use the Connect Producktivity® Principle to assess and analyze your leadership skills.

To build trust, a leader must exhibit competence, connection, and character. John C. Maxwell, Leadership Author and Mentor