Move with Producktivity®: Organize Your Moving Plan

Congratulations on finishing the Identify and Connect Principles. Now it is time to plan your move. You have your vision, you know what you need to do for your move and who will help you, but getting from now to the move date can feel overwhelming. Creating a moving plan will make your move less stressful and more manageable. All of the work you’ve done in the Identify and Connect Principles will help you develop your plan.

Your moving plan is a written plan that ensures you have covered everything needed for the move. It will note dates, times, and locations as well as who is responsible. Your moving plan can be a flowchart or a table. However you choose to visually depict your plan, make sure that your plan includes the key events of your move such as when the movers will be onsite at the current and new location, when electricity will be turned off/on, and when you need to have your location emptied out for the house cleaners to arrive. Lastly, your plan is a fluid document and needs to be adjusted as tasks and resources associated with your move change.