Move with Producktivity®: Dream Big

After you have successfully identified your moving needs using the Identify strategies, the next step is to Connect the details of your move. Connecting the details will help you see the relationship between the information collected and what resources are needed. In order to see the full picture, take a step back from the data and research and create a vision of what you want your move to look like. Your vision will help you connect what you have collected with your goals and guide your planning process.

For example, you may want your move to be successful and stress-free, but what does successful and stress-free mean to you? A successful and stress-free move is different for everyone. It may mean the movers show up on time and they do not lose any of the boxes in transit. It could also mean a move with the least amount of expenses. When you dream big, decide what is important for you and what you want to accomplish from your move.