Move with Producktivity®: Research Your Move

Conducting research provides you with an opportunity to gather additional information about the data you have collected. Thorough research sets the stage for analysis and interpretation. It helps you make a better informed decision on what needs to be done, who will do it, when it will happen, and how it will get done.

What exactly do we mean by research? The word “research” is often perceived to involve reading numerous periodicals or sitting in a lab hunched over test tubes and chemicals. Though valuable, this is not the type of research we will do here. Moving research involves narrowing down your choices and gathering resources for your move. From the data collection and brainstorming, you may have received a variety of recommendations from friends and family.  Now it is time to find out if these providers meet your needs, or if their suggestions and recommendations fit with your move.

For example, when you brainstormed, you identified that you need a mover. Your friends and family provided you with a handful of movers they have used in the past. In this research strategy you will explore the movers recommended to you and identify if they meet your specific needs such as does the mover have a storage facility, move across state lines, or is the mover a green mover.