Move with Producktivity®: Collecting Data for Your Move

Now that you have brainstormed all of the key areas of your move, it is time to gather supporting information for your ideas. You may have an idea of who to use as a mover based on your prior moves, but now you will take the time to collect data to guide your decisions. Data can be collected using qualitative and quantitative methods, and you need to obtain both to view your options from every angle.

Remember that in your brainstorming session you focused on the key areas of your move. Now, your data collection will focus on seeking recommendations from friends and family and online reviews to guide your decision making. For example, one of your brainstorming questions could be, “Do I need a mover?” Discussing this question with friends and family may produce a variety of results including comments that it depends on the size of your move and your budget or an affirmative “No” because your friends are available to help.