Producktivity Principle Connect: Duck-Provoking Quotes

It is imperative to critically analyze and make the connections between the information collected and what is needed from your human and financial resources to accomplish your goals.

Dream Big duck-provoking quotes

  • When a person starts to talk about their dreams, it’s as if something bubbles up from within. Their eyes brighten, their face glows, and you can feel the excitement in their words. -John C. Maxwell
  • Knowing where you want to be in the future inspires the decisions you make today. -Emily Tevault, Chief Producktivity Officer


Analyze duck-provoking quotes

  • Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise. -Sigmund Freud
  • Raw data are the pieces of the puzzle, and your goal is to look at each piece from every angle to find the best fit. -Emily Tevault, Chief Producktivity Officer


Define Resources duck-provoking quotes

  • Intelligence is the only unlimited natural resource. -Author Unknown
  • There are always more costs to a decision than you plan for, but the greatest cost is not having the right people in place to make your idea a reality. -Emily Tevault, Chief Producktivity Officer


Be a LEADER, and move ideas to action using Producktivity®, a unique, interactive personal and professional organizational tool that assists individuals and organizations with improving their decision making and time management skills. Guiding Principles: Identify. Connect. Organize.