Producktivity Principle Organize: Duck-Provoking Questions

Because you took the necessary time to identify your ducks and connect with your vision, organizing will be easier. Planning and prioritizing your tasks allows you to manage your time more efficiently and achieve your personal and professional goals more effectively.

Plan duck-provoking questions

  • How do you balance between a flexible road map with enough direction and a detailed plan that leaves little room for modifications?
  • How do you know when it is time to change the direction of your plan?

Prioritize duck-provoking questions

  • What are some methods you use to address a task list that has too many competing priorities?
  • What is your impetus to take the time to prioritize your task list?

Manage Time duck-provoking questions

  • What are the primary things that derail your day and keep you from accomplishing your tasks?
  • What are some strategies you use to avoid delays in completing your tasks?

Be a LEADER, and move ideas to action using Producktivity®, a unique, interactive personal and professional organizational tool that assists individuals and organizations with improving their decision making and time management skills. Guiding Principles: Identify. Connect. Organize.