Producktivity Principle Connect: Duck-Provoking Questions

This is a critical principle that tends to be overlooked. It is imperative to critically analyze and make the connections between the information collected and what is needed from your human and financial resources to accomplish your goals. Take the time to connect your puzzle pieces.

Dream Big duck-provoking questions

  • How do you strike a balance between a broad enough vision to support growth and ingenuity and a vision that is focused enough to accomplish your dreams?
  • What are ways to assist colleagues to take a step back from the detail to define a vision, and how do you involve everyone in the process?

Analyze duck-provoking questions

  • What are methods you use to sort the data and research you collected to begin your analysis?
  • How do you keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed with all of the data and research you have collected?

Research duck-provoking questions

  • What are the key areas that have been less than optimally planned for when implementing a new project?
  • What are examples of costs that have been missed during the planning phase that you should make sure to consider when mapping out your next decision?

Be a LEADER, and move ideas to action using Producktivity®, a unique, interactive personal and professional organizational tool that assists individuals and organizations with improving their decision making and time management skills. Guiding Principles: Identify. Connect. Organize. As Henrietta Szold, Hadassah Founder once said, “Dare to dream. And when you dream, dream big.