Producktivity Principle Identify: Duck-Provoking Questions

Identifying your ducks (ideas, tasks, roles) gives you the foundation to make an informed decision. There are three strategies to gather information: collect data, brainstorm, and research. Ask yourself, “Have I collected all of the data, brainstormed with knowledgeable individuals, and conducted enough research to support my conclusion?”

Collect Data duck-provoking questions

  • What sources of data have you used outside your industry, and what value does it provide to you?
  • What is your current process for determining legitimate sources of data in your organization’s industry?

Brainstorm duck-provoking questions

  • What strategies can you use during a group brainstorming session to keep an open mind?
  • Describe the most effective setting for you to brainstorm individually.

Research duck-provoking questions

  • How do you begin the process of researching?
  • How do you know when you have completed enough research on each option you are considering?

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