Producktivity Principle #3: Organize…Strategy- Plan

Proper planning allows you to adjust when plans need to change. -Emily Tevault, Chief Producktivity Officer

Because you took the necessary time to identify your ducks and connect with your vision, organizing will be easier. Planning and prioritizing your tasks allows you to manage your time more efficiently and achieve your personal and professional goals more effectively.

Developing a plan provides you with a road map to meet your goals. A road map does not mean there is only one route to get to your destination. Planning before you start a project provides you with the flexibility to make changes as tasks evolve. Your plan is your best estimate before you begin your project, and you need to be prepared to modify and improve your plan as you progress. Whether you are creating a strategic plan, business continuity plan, project plan, or financial plan it needs to be a living, breathing document that is continually reviewed and modified to meet your goals.

Be a LEADER, and move ideas to action using Producktivity®Identify. Connect. Organize.