Producktivity Principle #2: Connect…Strategy- Define Resources

There are always more costs to a decision than you plan for, but the greatest cost is not having the right people in place to make your idea a reality. -Emily Tevault, Chief Producktivity Officer

This is a critical principle that tends to be overlooked. You are so eager to check something off of your ever-growing list that you forget to take a step back and reflect on the bigger picture. What is your vision, and how will your ducks add value to your pond? It is imperative to critically analyze and make the connections between the information collected and what is needed from your human and financial resources to accomplish your goals.

Your connection to the vision and analysis of your options has led you to the optimal decision. The final step is to ensure you have the human and financial resources necessary to support your plan.

For organizations, review staffing with your executive and human resources teams and identify expertise needed. Determine if you have the skills necessary in-house and what priorities need to be shifted to devote staff time to your goal. If you do not have the human resources, research staffing options such as hiring additional employees, consultants, and temporary assistance. Once you decide how you will properly staff, create a plan to fund your decision. If your organization is not able to fund your decision internally, consider external opportunities such as donors, joint ventures, strategic partnerships, and financing.

For yourself, identify your strength-areas, and choose to only work in your zone. Apply the organizational guidance above. Your time is valuable, and so are you.

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