Graduation & MSW Student Personal Reflections

Congratulations to all of the students who will be graduating in the next several weeks. Thank you, to my student, Chelsea Tucker, for her dedication, creativity, and collaboration over the last semester. –Becky

After spending the majority of my life in classrooms, it’s finally time for a change of scenery. On May 3rd, I will graduate from The University of Alabama’s Masters of Social Work program. While I still haven’t landed my first job, I am confident what I have learned over the past two decades and most recently during my internship with BSCorbett Consulting, will give me a strong footing in any future endeavors.

I have been fortunate to gain experience in a number of areas, including curriculum development, blog writing, and business strategy development. And, my most important take away from my internship is the importance of leaders moving themselves to action. While I’ve enjoyed my time here and learned more than I can write in one blog post, I have to keep my focus and move forward. Because if I don’t act on an opportunity, someone else will. Be a leader, like I am becoming, and move to action TODAY. –Chelsea Tucker, MSW Graduate