Technology Creates Flexibility

Technology has changed how we interact. For instance, not many people need unlimited minutes on their phone anymore, but unlimited texting is a must. Technology is also changing how we work. When was the last time you saved something on a floppy disk? Probably, a very long time ago. Because of advancements in technology, internet access, and cloud storage of your information and data, you can work anywhere, anytime.

The cloud might sound confusing, but it is just a way to store data on the Internet. I initially built my company in the cloud so that I could access and work anywhere, anytime. Additionally, when my laptop or tablet is lost or the screen cracks, I will still have my work. The leader who invests in the cloud is creating flexibility for their team to work from the office or home, and during business travel. Jamal Mazar, CEO of Kaavo (a cloud management company), said it best, “Cloud computing is empowering… Companies leveraging cloud will be able to innovate cheaper and faster.” Be a leader, move to action TODAY and operate in the cloud.