​​Technology Connects the Generations

It seems as if everyone these days has a funny anecdote about a late adopter and technology. As a parent, maybe you wrote something on your child’s Facebook Timeline that would have been more appropriate in an email, or you still call your children for help understanding a feature on your iPhone. Regardless of the technology obstacles you may face, they should not stop you from integrating these tools into your daily life. One of the many benefits of technology is its ability to connect the generations. Thanks to Skype and FaceTime, grandparents hundreds of miles away can see their grandbaby’s first step.

An effective leader knows how to use technology in a multi-generational workplace. While a team benefits from having Millennials with new ideas, some things can only be learned through experience. The young professional can teach the seasoned mentor how to use the latest app, while the mentor can assist the emerging leader in growing her/his career. Combining a focused Gen X/Baby Boomer and a driven Millennial connects the best of both worlds. Be a leader, move to action TODAY and bridge the generation gap with technology.