​​​Duckie Day…Get Your Ducks in a Row

Ever find yourself in a passionate discussion with someone and you have no clue how it got so frustrating? You know your opinions are from a lifetime of experience and the other person simply cannot understand your reasoning. If she/he did, then the solution would be reached. Maybe it is not a battle of ignorance you are fighting, but of priorities. If you ask two different people what is most important to them, personally or professionally, you will undoubtedly get a wide variety of answers. No answers are right or wrong, they just define the person and give insight into how they operate.

By taking your team through the Get Your Ducks in a Row training, the members will learn how to appreciate how each other prioritizes the ducks in their pond. It is one of the first steps in team producktivity. What better time to get your “ducks in a row” than on National Duck Day? That’s right, today is annual celebrate your favorite rubber duck bath toy day. In 1970, the University of Maryland alum Jim Henson performed The Rubber Duckie song as Ernie on the hit television series, Sesame Street. January 13th is widely regarded as that special duck’s birthday. Be a leader, move to action TODAY, and schedule your team to go through this unique program.